Vision and Mission

Institution Vision and Mission

The vision of ITB is as follows: “Being an excellent university, dignified, independent, and is recognized worldwide, as well as guide the changes which can improve the welfare of the Indonesian nation and also the World.”

The mission of ITB is as follows: “Creating, sharing, and applying science, technology, arts, and humanities, as well as producing superior human resources and to make Indonesia and the World better.”


Vision and Mission of the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering

Basically, FMPE-ITB will be developed to be a higher-education institution specialized in the uniqueness of the Indonesia’s tectonic setting.Through focussing the advancementof FMPE on those uniqueness, FMPE would have chance to become an excellent higher-education institution in the field of natural resource exploration, exploitation, and utilization which is better compared to the other institutions of same kind in national and/or international level. Besides that, FMPE also has a good potential to become international-scale research institution by forwarding its direction to sustainable research and by extracting the uniqueness of Indonesia’s tectonic setting.

The vision of FMPE ITB is as follows: “Being a technology development center of exploration, exploitation, and utilization of earth resources superior, reliable, and dignified in the world based on the concept of conservation-friendly environment, and contributing actively to deliver the people of Indonesia into a nation united, sovereign, and prosperous.”

The mission of FMPE ITB is as follows: “Developing the technology of exploration, exploitation, and utilization of earth resources through college Tridarma innovative, quality and responsiveness to local and global development challenges.”