Programme Educational Objectives

Ever since the vision and mission of Undergraduate Programme in Geophysical Engineering (UPGE) was created in 1998, they had experienced several adjustment after each curriculum renewals which were greatly influenced by advancement of geophysical knowledge & technology, as well as by observation result of current aspect and future needs of petroleum industry, mining, geothermal, geotechnics, and environmental and disaster-related matter. Those matters was discussed in academic staff meeting with the faculty team, alumni, professional society, industry, and government/public agency. Being an excellent university, dignified, independent, and is recognized worldwide, as well as guide the changes that can improve the welfare of the Indonesian nation and the world (Source: 09/SK/I1-SA/OT/2011), is the vision of ITB which later had been relegated to become the vision of Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FMPE).

According to current advancement, conditional analysis, current need, as well as by integrated our aim with the vision of ITB and also FMPE, so the Undergraduate Programme in Geophysical Engineering (UPGE) have a vision as follows: “Constructing the undergraduate programme into an institution of higher-education, center of advanced research, and innovative development, and as entrepreneur in geophysical engineering field with the purpose to embody a very competitive world-class undergraduate programme through several steps, with the first step in ASEAN region, the second step in South East Asia region, and final step in the World.”

To achieve that vision, the Undergraduate Programme in Geophysical Engineering (UPGE) have some mission as follows:

  1. Being able to deliver educational service, research, and social service in geophysical engineering field to people, with first-class quality in national and/or international level.
  2. Being able to lead and support the government sector, education sector, entrepreneurship sector, and essentiallythe people of Indonesia to triumph in international competition in geophysical engineering field.
  3. Taking part in constructing industrial and informational Indonesian-society in geophysical engineering field.

The Undergraduate Programme inGeophysical Engineeringinthe Faculty of Mining and PetroleumEngineering-ITB, focuses its objectives to produce graduateswho are capable to become professionals, such as researcher, lecturer, teacher, industrial expert, as well as entrepreneur. The objectives as follow:

  1. Having an understanding for knowledge and methodology in a broad spectrum of geophysical engineering, including resource exploration, environmental geophysics, seismology, and tectonics, as well as having a problem solving capability in their work.
  2. Having a capability to acquire, process, and interpret the geophysical data fora broad spectrum of geophysical engineering, including resource exploration, environmental geophysics, seismology, and tectonics;and rise upon that foundation with advanced course work in geophysics to develop the in-depth knowledge which students need to pursue advanced-graduate study and professional career in government or private sector.
  3. Keeping with development on students’ geophysical fields of interest and their interactions with science and technology, industry, and life in general.
  4. Having a capability to communicate ideas, either orally and in writing, either scientifically or popularly, to take appropriate initiatives, and to lead a working group in relevant fields.
  5. Having a capability to continuously develop knowledge for further study, either formally or informally.

These objectives strongly support the national competences framework for undergraduate education (National Qualification Framework) and areconsistent with the mission of the institution (FMPE and ITB). Theirconsistency with ITB and FMPE missions is realized through producing graduates with a strong capability to comprehend and master the geophysical engineering knowledge and geophysics-related problems. This capability enables the graduates to be professionals who take a part as a leading role as researcher, lecturer, teacher, industrial expert, as well as entrepreneur in national and international development. Table below shows the relationship between the objectives of the UPGEand the 6th level (the level for bachelor education) of the National Qualification Framework.

Objectives of the UndergraduateProgramme in Geophysical Engineeringversus the 6th level of National Qualification Framework. 


*S-Strong, M-Moderate