Institutional Environment

The primary human resource for UPGE is supported by 3 Research Groups (Kelompok Keahlian/KK).They are applied geophysics, global geophysics, and exploration and engineering seismology research group. Theyalso take a part in the faculty (FMPE) that consists of 4 undergraduate programmes: Undergraduate Programmes in Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, and Metallugical Engineering. Other than the 3 research groups and 4 undergraduate programmes, FMPE is also supported by the CORE (Center of Research Excellence) group which consists of 11 centers of research. One of many centers of research which mainly organized by the threeresearch groups of UPGE is the Center of Research in Excellence for Exploration and Development Geophysics. Some of the research focus for the geophysical research groups is as follows:

The three research groupsin Undergraduate Programme in Geophysical Engineering.


Center of Research in Excellence for Exploration and Development Geophysics will be focused on the development of geophysical methods for effective exploration and exploitation of:

  • Conventional and non-conventional (shale gas, CBM, tight-gas sand) energy.
  • Geothermal energy.
  • Conventional and non-conventional oil-energy.
  • Coal energy.

Those focuses are in line with the ITB and FMPE-ITB research focus as stated in the Keputusan Senat Akademik ITB No. 01/SK/K01-SA/2009 and Renstra FTTM-ITB 2011.