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Andri Hendriyana, S.T., M.T.



AH is member of exploration and engineering seismology research group. After he received his M.T. in applied geophysics from ITB in 2009, he worked as academic assistant at Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering until 2010. As academic assistant, he participated in various courses particularly numerical methods, refraction seismic, geotomography and geostatistics. In 2010, he took part in Geophysical Engineering. He is now pursuing his PhD at Potsdam University, Germany, with research interest related to microseismic imaging methods.



  1. S.T., Geophysical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia, 2006. Thesis: Wave propagation beneath Krakatau volcano
  2. M.T., Geophysical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia, 2009. Thesis: Common-reflection-surface stack and NIP-wave tomography for low fold seismic  data.




  1. Automated detection and migration-based localization of micro-earthquake.
  2. Waveform inversion.
  3. Microseismic imaging.


Improving seismic image using Common-Reflection-Surface (CRS) Stack, Joint-research ITB-Pertamina, research member. 2008-2014……


  1. Hendriyana, A., Bauer, K., Muksin, U., & Sule, R., 2016. Automated Event Localisation Using the AIC Characteristic Function – Application to Microseismicity Around Sumatran Fault, in 78th Annual Internat. Mtg., EAGE, Expanded Abstracts, EAGE. link
  2. Hendriyana, A., Bauer, K., Jaya, M. S., & Sule, R., 2015. Shift delay and stack microseismic event localization with application to a geothermal field in indonesia, in 77th Annual Internat. Mtg., EAGE, Expanded Abstracts, EAGE. link
  3. Hendriyana, A., Bauer, K., Weber, M., Jaya, M., & Muksin, M., 2015. A new characteristic function for fast time-reverse seismic event location, in General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU. link
  4. Hendriyana, A., Jaya, M. S., Bauer, K., & Kusnadi, Y., 2014. Microseismic imaging using time-reversed wavefield extrapolation – synthetic modeling and application to a real data, in 76th Annual Internat. Mtg., EAGE, Expanded Abstracts, EAGE. link
  5. Hendriyana, A., Jaya, M., Sule, R., & Guntara, A. D., 2013. Dip and azimuth determination in 3d crs-stack, in Thirty-Seventh Annual Convention Exhibition, Indonesian Petroleum Association.
  6. Sule, M. R., Valencia, A. A. ., Hendriyana, A., Polom, U., & Krawczyk, C., 2012. Precise near-surface interval velocity section derived from high-resolution shear wave seismic data, in 18th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics of the Near Surface Geoscience Division of EAGE, Near Surface Geoscience, EAGE. link
  7. Hendriyana, A., Sule, R., Jaya, M., & Adriansyah, 2011. CRS-based velocity-depth model building and migration-a real data example, in 73th Annual Internat. Mtg., EAGE, Expanded Abstracts, EAGE. link



  1. Singh, C.S., Hananto, N.D, Chauhan, A.P.S., Permana, H., Denolle, M., Hendriyana, A. & D. Natawidjaja, 2010. Evidence of active backthrusting at the NE margin of Mentawai Island, SW Sumatra, Geophys. J. Int. doi:10.1111/j.1365-246X.2009.04458.x

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Beberapa modul yang pernah dibuat sekitar tahun 2007-2011:

  1. Seismik Refraksi (versi tahun 2009, source latexnya dicompile 2016)
  2. Komputasi Geofisika (versi tahun 2007, source latexnya dicompile 2016)
  3. Geostatistik (versi tahun 2011, source latexnya dicompile 2016)