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Dr. Ir. Agus Laesanpura, MS



Mr. Agus Laesanpura, was born in Bandung.

He spent  the schoool and university (Institut Teknologi Bandungt) in Bandung. The external academic degree was obtainning from IPG Paris (DEA), and Doctorat from Univ. Paris 6(Piere and Marie Curie)

He is interesting in Exploration geophysics, and earth crustal studies.

He teach basic course in Undergraduate studies, and elective course for Mining geophysic and Hydrogeophysic.


  1. Undergraduate Degree Program, Bachelor of Science, 1988, Department of Geology, Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Bandung.
  2. Master Degree Program, 1992, Applied Geophysics, Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Bandung.
  3. DEA de Géophysique Interne de l’IPGP de Paris, 1993.
  4. Doctoral Degree Program, 1993, Doktorat Univérsite Piere et Marie Curie (option géophysique marine-géodynamique).
  5. Permanent Academic Staff, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FMPE/FTTM), Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Bandung.



  1. Earth Crustal study
  2. Geophysical Potential methods for Development area