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Staff | Prof. Sri Widiyantoro, Ph. D.

Sri Widiyantoro is a professor of seismology at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia, where he has spent his academic career since 1987. He has frequently visited prestigious universities including MIT and ANU, where he finished his Ph.D. program in 1997, and research institutions (e.g. Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo University) to work with top scientists on collaborative research.

His main research interest is in the field of seismology, particularly seismic tomographic imaging. His tomographic models have been published in various journals including top journals like Science and Nature. Alongside his work on large-scale seismological problems, he has engaged in consultancy on oil/gas and geothermal explorations related work in Indonesia, so that he can bring a broad perspective to his science.

He has received recognition through many awards including the Doornbos Memorial Prize from the IUGG Committee on the Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior, the Habibie Award from the Habibie Center, the Science and Technology Award from the Indonesian Toray Science Foundation, and the Australian Alumni Award for Research and Innovation. He has been a Fellow of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences since 2011. He was the President for the Indonesian Association of Geophysicists (2012-2014) and is currently the Dean of Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, ITB.



Prof. Sri Widiyantoro, Ph. D.

Dean, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, ITB



2011-               Dean, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, ITB

2007-               Professor of Seismology, ITB

2004-2005       Vice Dean, Faculty of Earth Science and Mineral Technology, ITB

2003-2004       Head, Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, ITB                                  

2002-2006      Associate Professor of Seismology, ITB

1993-2001       Assistant Professor of Seismology, ITB

1987-1992       Lecturer, ITB



2014                : Sarwono Award (the Indonesian Institute of Sciences/LIPI)

2012                : ITB Outstanding Researcher Award (Rector, ITB)

2012                : “Pengabdian 25 Tahun” Award (Rector, ITB)

2012                : “Satyalancana Karya Satya 20 Tahun” (President, the Republic of Indonesia)

Since 2011       : Fellow – Indonesian Academy of Sciences (President, the Republic of Indonesia)

2010                : Australian Alumni Award for Research and Innovation (Australian Embassy,


2009                : Science and Technology Award (Indonesia Toray Science Foundation)

2007                : Habibie Award (The Habibie Center, Jakarta)

2007                : HAGI Award for Significant Contribution and Achievement on Scientific

                         Advancement in Geophysics (the Indonesian Association of


2006                : National Outstanding Lecturer Award (Ministry of National Education, the

                         Republic of Indonesia)

2005                : National Outstanding Researcher Award (RUT VIII, Ministry of Research and

                         Technology, the Republic of Indonesia)

2002                : “Satyalancana Karya Satya 10 Tahun” (President, the Republic of Indonesia)

1998                : Best Paper Award (the Indonesian Association of Geophysicists/HAGI)

1997                : International Publication Award (Ministry of Education and Culture, the

                         Republic of Indonesia)

1996                : The Doornbos Memorial Prize (the IUGG Committee on the Study of the Earth’s

                         Deep Interior)