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26 Jun 2021

International Virtual Course “Introduction to Volcano Monitoring using Recent Technology”

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Geophysical Engineering Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering – ITB conduct an international virtual course (IVC) this summer (starting from early July 2021). The topic of the IVC will be on volcano monitoring using geosciences method. The course will be open for Indonesian and International students and free of charge for Indonesian and International students to join.


The International Virtual Course provides basic of volcano monitoring to advance monitoring technique using recent technology and machine learning for geosciences. Courses will be taught by prominent researchers in volcano monitoring from ITB (Indonesia), Geological Agency (Indonesia), Grenoble University (France), University of Paris IPGP (France), Karlsruher Institut für Technologie -KIT- (Germany), GNS Science (New Zealand) and Coventry University (UK).


The topic of lecture will cover:

  1. Introduction to PEER Project on Agung Volcano Bali Indonesia by Prof. Sri Widiyantoro (ITB Indonesia)
  2. Introduction to Volcano Seismology, by Prof. Andri Dian Nugraha (ITB – Indonesia)
  3. Operational monitoring of active volcanoes: examples of real-time deformation modeling under the WebObs system, by Prof. François Beauducel (University of Paris, IPGP)
  4. Automatic classification using data of La Soufrière volcano, by Dr. Jean-Philippe Metaxian (IPGP – France) and Alexis Falcin (PhD Student).
  5. Monitoring volcano seismicity, by Dr. Corentin Caudron (University of Grenoble – France).
  6. Analysis of seismic signals at Santiaguito volcano, with an emphasis on volcanic tremor and VT’s, by Dr. Ellen Gottschämmer (KIT – Germany)
  7. Basics of volcano remote sensing using TIR, by Dr. Matthew Blackett (Coventry University, UK)
  8. Volcano seismology for eruption forecasting, by Dr. Devy Kamil Syahbana (Geological Agency – Indonesia).
  9. Volcanic tsunami source mechanisms, by Dr. Aditya Gusman (GNS Science New Zealand)
  10. Deformation analysis on Agung Volcano, Bali Indonesia, by Dr. Irwan Meilano (ITB – Indonesia)  and Dr. Endra Gunawan (ITB – Indonesia)
  11. InSAR monitoring on Agung Volcano, Bali Indonesia, by Dr. Asep Saepulloh (ITB – Indonesia)
  12. Recent Geophysical Studies on Agung Volcano, Bali Indonesia, by Dr. David P. Sahara (ITB – Indonesia), Dr. Zulfakriza (ITB – Indonesia) and Dr. Shindy Rosalia (ITB – Indonesia)


The course equivalent to Microseismic (TG-5149): 2 credits and  there will be certificate by the end of the course.

Admission & Registration

  • Free for student (limited seat)
  • 2.500.000 IDR / Master’s course credit for non-student
  • Registration: 1 – 30 June 2021
  • Courses: 5-16 July 2021
  • For registration, please visit

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